About us

“I have put my honor not to proclaim the gospel where Christ was named. I did not build on a basis that someone else had put “. Rom 15:20

“The pioneering heart” is a missionary organization who wants to help to pave the way for the gospel, first and foremost where it is still unspoiled land. We want to:

· Work to reach people with evangelistic campaigns and festivals

· Develop, train, and equip leaders in the mission field

· Plant and establish new churches

· Train and release new leaders to the service of God’s kingdom

· Strategic collaborate with others in order to reach more people and establish God’s kingdom on yet white spots.

Daniel & Regina Karlsson: We are married and have two children, named Benjamin, and Felicia. We first met in India when Daniel lived there and worked in a church and Regina were there on a short mission trip through Youth With A Mission. For over ten years, Daniel has served God as a missionary, church planter and been trained in strategic mission in the United States with YWAM. Daniel is a addiction treatment assistant and Regina is a teacher of languages at a High school. She grew up in Oskarshamn, in Småland. Regina has also been six months in India and helped to start a long-term work with YWAM. She has also been part of a church planting in Staffanstorp.

Fam kort

Jonatan & Jelena Ivarsson: Married in March 2014, and is exited to see what God has for them. Today they serve in the congregation Rijec života, to see God break through in the city of Osijek. Jonatan has been involved in youth work for many years and is now a missionary in Croatia. Jonatan is a talented pianist and worship leader and project manager. He is passionate about leadership and Church growth. Jelena is a devoted  leader in the church, and has been for many years. She is a popular speaker and leader. She is passionate about seeing people being redeemed and liberated. They believe, and hope to see many experience Jesus through the work of The Pioneering Heart.